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About Us

Wear your heart out!

Our Mission

Fly First is a lifestyle brand that was created to encourage self-love and self-expression. "F.L.Y."means to first love yourself. Our mantra is "Wear your heart out!" which means to express yourself fully in who you are and give that love to others. As well to do what you Love until your heart is worn out. Here at Fly First, we provide you with the styles and products you need, to express yourself and stand apart from the crowd. We create products and apparel designs that allow you to show off your uniqueness before you speak. We also offer a variety of services available at your disposal to help you along your journey. Self-love is putting your relationship with God first and walking with your true self giving that love to others in hopes that it spreads and multiplies. 


Michaela Thompson, Tattoo Artist

I really love this brand and what they stand for, not to mention the clothing is stylish and comfortable. 

Kenny F, Dancer

Everytime somebody ask me about what I'm wearing is gives me a story to tell

Marcus Jones, Student

How can you not Love something or someone telling you to love yourself.

How We Work

We here at Fly First believe the body and mind are one. You look good you feel good. We work firsthand with people of all demographics, ages and find what truly gives people happiness and brings them joy. We find ways to bring that to life through our brand and culture of art and expression. We get feedback, ideas and even some unique designs from where it matters most, the people! We are a growing brand with many future upcoming projects. Contact us if you wish to learn more or would like to contribute to our causes or would like to partner together on a project.

FLY First Co. was founded 2015

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